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FS: 60CSx with accessories!

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I have a 60CSx that is in excellent condition with no wear that i'm looking to sell as a complete package, so please don't ask me to sell things separately. The reason I'm selling it is to help fund a 400t :(


I'm going to include the following with the gps...


automotive dash mount (which will need adhesive discs) - https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=1006


vehicle power adapter - https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=527


Topo 2008 DVD (the original dvd, not a copy. I don't have the original jewel case though) https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=10531&pvID=11905


2 GB Sandisk card


The box and everything that came in it.


As stated below... i'm open to reasonable offers. Pictures provided as well further down in this post.

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wow, lots of views but no interest. i felt i posted a reasonable price, but am i priced too high for what i'm offering or is no one interested in a package deal?


Your price is high. I just listed my 60csx with power adapter, bike mount, City Navigator, and screenshield for $350 and didn't have many bites here. Considering you can get New 60csx for $310, and topo for $80, power adaptors are $20. So your basically throwing in a car mount and saving someone tax. Not a horrible price, but not a steal either. Especially since mine with more expensive software and a screenshield didn't get too many bites at $350.

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Assuming it is still available:

a. When was it purchased, i.e. how long has it been used ?

b. What is the shipping cost?

c. Does it come with Mapsource install CD ?

d. Are you still looking to sell the complete package ? (No harm in asking) :laughing:




Yes, it is still available.


a. i've had it for just over 1 yr. it's almost like new condition with no wear.. see screenshots and has not been used that much. when it was used, it was 90% in the car and 10% outside

b. not sure, haven't calculated it

c. mapsource gets installed when you load topo

d. yes, it's all or none. sorry

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