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  1. It is sold. Thank you all for your interest. Regards, thegeoranger
  2. (My apology for the extra post. I was not able to change the topic title in my earlier post to reflect new items) I am moving out of the country and have the following item for sale as a package: Dell Axim x50 PDA, 524 MHz, WM 2003 SE, includes the following: a . Axim Unit : Dell Axim x50, Original cradle, charger, soft case b. GPS receiver : BT-339 GPS receiver & charger, case, c. GPS software: Oncourse 5, Oncourse 6 (comes on 2GB SD card) d. RiData 2GB 133x CF card e. Car suction mount, car charger (with Y-cable to charge PDA and GPS receiver) f. iGO itip B07 for Dell Axim Dell Axim Picture-1 Asking price: $145.00 shipped to CONUS. Paypal accepted. thanks for viewing thegeoranger
  3. Hello, I am moving out of the country and would like to sell the Garmin Mapsource US TOPO 2008 DVD. Only the DVD, I dont have the original box etc. Asking price $35.00 shipped to conus. Compatibility: http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/# Click the Show Me link under MapSource Compatibility to check if this product is compatible with your GPSr. thank you. thegeoeranger
  4. Processor Type: Intel PXA270 520MHz RAM : 64MB, ROM : 128MB. I guess this would be X50 mid.
  5. Fantastic. The waypoint and the + idea work just fine. Thank you.
  6. thegeoranger

    60CSx Help

    I am a new 60CSx owner using TOPO 2008 and CN-NT 2008. How to set home, work location coordinates ? (Like in nuvi for e.g. you can set the predefined Home location, and Work location). Also, how to add the current GPS location to favorites ? Thank you. PS - I searched the forum but didnt find any helpful answers.
  7. Item received as described, promptly shipped. Thank you moonpup.
  8. I vote Tilt. On the other hand, if you are willing to wait - the IGO-8 for iPhone prototype was displayed at CeBIT. This will be a native GPS solution for the iPhone. With the SDK launch today, the iPhone (and the coolness) keeps getting better. Soon there will be a cache manager software for iPhone.
  9. BUMP - Price reduced to $175.00. Anybody ? Thanks. -thegeoranger
  10. For sale - Dell Axim x50, excellent condition, WM 2003 SE, Includes following: 1. Axim Unit Dell Axim x50, Original cradle, charger, soft case 2. GPS receiver : BT-339 GPS receiver & charger, case, 3. GPS software: Oncourse 5, Oncourse 6 (comes on 2GB SD card) 4. RiData 2GB 133x CF card 5. Car suction mount, car charger (with Y-cable to charge PDA and GPS receiver) 6. iGO itip B07 for Dell Axim Pictures below do not show the Y cable, car charger (because they are inthe car) and the AC charger, which is connected to the wall outlet. Picture-1 Picture-2 Asking price: $175 shipped (US only). Paypal preferred. Please email/PM me for ebay and agora handles for seller feedback. Thank you for viewing. thegeoranger.
  11. P'ville Lions R Us - Its no problem. The bid that you sent came to me. I am not the original poster. You need to PM moonpup. Use the PM button under one of his posts. thegeoranger
  12. P'ville Lions R Us - You PM'ed me instead of the original poster. thegeoranger.
  13. Assuming it is still available: a. When was it purchased, i.e. how long has it been used ? b. What is the shipping cost? c. Does it come with Mapsource install CD ? d. Are you still looking to sell the complete package ? (No harm in asking) thanks.
  14. One more questions - If I buy HCx now, will it come with the most recent version of the world base map ? thanks.
  15. I wasnt aware that the tide tables could be downloaded to Vista. I searched this forum and found the information. Does HCx still use USB 1.1 or 2.0 ? I guess I will go for HCx and CN-NT + Topo. thanks.
  16. A couple of more queries: 1. Do both these units show street names, poi alerts etc. during auto navigation ? 2. Is 60csx worth the extra price ? Garmin comparison shows only Tide tables and sd card as the difference (in addition to dimensions). I am still at a loss wrt price. Thank you for your help (& patience)
  17. I will use it for auto navigation fairly often. I assume the generic mini-usb phone charger just runs the unit. WRT screen, I've seen posts saying that the top portion of the 60csx is used to show status etc., thus reducing the effective screen height. I did visit the local rei store to get a feel for the two units but havent viewed a street map yet.
  18. I am new to the forum. Glad to see that someone else is working on this project. I recently started developing maps for the East coast DC, MD, VA and WV, focusing only on certain regions. I am using USGS Arc 1/3 high res, and NHD hires datasets. I would be happy to work with any other members interested in getting east coast maps. email/pm me.
  19. Hello I am new handheld gpsr's and deciding between vista HCx and 60CSx. (While I like the colorado 300, cant afford it at this time). I will be using it with CN-NT 2008 and Topo2008. Even after reading all posts and description - I cannot arrive at a decision. Any help is appreciated. I will be using it for geo-caching and street routing. Also can someone please post (or point to) vista HCx and 60CSx screenshots in automobile routing mode with CN-NT maps. thank you. thegeoranger
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