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Geocaching withe a Nuvi 200

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I found that if I change the vehical to crosshairs, and set it to "Off Road". It works prety good for Geocaching.

My question is , How do you save the caches. I like to use a SD card and keep from loading it into the Nuvi, as Im sure I'll screw up sometime , and mess up the GPS.

Also, Can the Geocache Icon be changed? A red dot would be better for me


Anyone using a Nuvi to geocache?



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I do download Geoceache from geocaching.com as GPX files.

Then use Gsak to change name and give as much possible info in the name filed

I then transfer Cache to to Nüvi using POI Loader.


Good thing with this is that you can have unlimited cache on your GPS.

One of many problem is that you can not mark as found.

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I have a nuvi I use in my truck however I would never use it for geocaching out of the truck just for the pure fact of if you drop it, it's done. They're just not sturdy enough for me to be comfy walking around with it like that. But to help you there, use GSAK, export a .gpx file limited to 200. Connect your nuvi to your comp and go to the directory on the nuvi called garmin and then the one called gpx. Copy that .gpx file into there. You can delete or just leave the one that's already in there. The nuvi will merge them with a max of 200 points. You will then see the little treasure chests and such on your screen now and they also will show up in your favorites. :)

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