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missing jeep TB's


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Does anyone have an idea how to get JP number of missing jeep TB's? I had a cache of mine disappear and it had 3 jeeps in it! If I could get the number off the tag, I could make a new tag and attach to a jeep, so it could get back into circulation!

I have a feeling that gc.com would not be in favor of your proposal.


Why don't you just get some new tags and create some of your own "jeep" TBs? ;)

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With regards to "Missing Jeep TBs", I have a friend who owns a cache and the cache page shows a RJTB on it.


The problem I suspect is, some "JTB collector" has probably returned to this previously found cache and taken it without so much as admitting to it in any manner.


Please don't tell me that it was probably a "Newbie", or it's been lost or something like that, because it's been "missing" for several months now.


Furthormore, I suspect there IS a "JTB collector" around here, because several other JTBs have simply vanished without a trace.


In addition, I have a cache of my own that shows a GJTB and it's not there. I put a notice on the cache page, not the logs, to warn cachers not waste there time coming to the cache for that specific reason.


Any hints of how to remove the JTB Icon from these pages or any other pages suffering from the same problem?



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