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Are Firmware Updates "Pre-Planed" in Advance?


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After reading the last post, I too am in an industry that uses the term pre-plan or pre-planning. This involves completing a task before actual planning occurs. Some planning can happen on the fly. If I'm making a grocery list I'm just writing the list as it comes to me. If additional information needs to be gathered before the list is made, that would be considered pre-planning. "Son, go up and ask your mother if she needs any Vagasil so I can pick some up when I go to the store." In my work, I do the planning, but a different person or crew performs a simulation or pre-planning before I can do the planning.


Now, as for updates pre-planned in advance (staying on topic here) that entire sentence doesn't make any gal darned sense. I think its similar to calling something a dumaflotchie, but forgetting the term dumaflotchie in mid-sentence and substituting another made up word.


If it were me, and right now it is, I would call Garmin and ask for the pre-planning department for the Colorado team and ask them directly when the next Advanced Firmware Updates are due.


If I were Garmin, I would plan for a a new GPSmap 60 CSx-es that has a gee-whiz case, double o-ring seals (like on the solid rocket boosters for the space shuttle), double battery bay, and a micro zoom feature that enables the user to zoom right down to 9.6" (0.8') so you can tell if you're looking for an ammo can, decon container, waterproof match container, etc. AND see exactly where that cache is hidden!


When you do call Garmin, it might be worth your while to ask about the Post Pre-Planning Firmware Update sessions. These sessions are where the rubber meats the rode (oh come on -- a real geocacher won't catch either of those spelling errors) and the real planning gets planned.

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Moderator's note Obvious typos aside, the intent of this thread seems to have been "do vendors plan to rev firmware after the units ship" and not about revisiting grammar school, Rodney King, or general bickering.


Please get back on topic in this thread and in the forums, try to be nice to each other.

still some guys who cannot read this text :D

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I don't how to respond here. The title itself is a non-sensical, misspelled redundancy. Once we get that parsed out, perhaps I can compose an answer.


So, let's look at it: "....."Pre-planed" in Advance?"

1. I assumed that we are not making a piece of wood flat and that we are dealing with the past tense of the verb "to plan", which is "planned."

2. Let's assume for a minute that there is such a thing as "pre-planned", which there really isn't as described in #3, below, and look at the redundancy. Which redundancy is ""Pre-Planned" in Advance." What's up with that? If it is "pre-planned", how can it not be in advance? If it truly has been "pre-planned", how could it possibly have been planned after the fact. As an obvious redundancy the condition "in Advance" adds nothing whatsover to the context of the title and is totally superfluous.

3. Now, about pre-planned as a combination word, does the addition of the prefix "pre" make any sense in distinction if there is no such thing as "post-planning." Not only is post planning implausible at best, even if possible in a sequence of events, who would admit to having done such. That's tantamount to the drunk telling the cop that he had more than the overwhelmingly admtted to consumption of only two beers. So, having established that there can be no such thing described as "post-planned", then there is nothing to be gained by using the term "pre-planned" as there is no "post-" from which to distinguish just good old, everyday planning.


Now, if somebody could re-title this topic, I might be able to provide an answer. :rolleyes:


Sounds like someone works for the Department of Redundancy Departmant. :wacko:

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