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I heard of a Tb idea and wanted to do the same in my area. Is it right to copy?


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Of the hundreds of bugs we have picked up, "book of the dead" is one of my favorites, partly because of the sentimental value of the two "dead bug" tags that we added to it when we found it. Here's our log (almost two years ago now):


This is one of the best ideas for a bug I've ever seen! We will be adding the tags from our "His Addictions" and "Her Addictions" TBs.


They were released together in August of 2004, and their goal was to travel separately and then to reunite someday. They both went missing in March of 2005, within a few days of each other (kind of like when one half of an old married couple dies, and then then other one days a few days later of a broken heart?)


So now, thanks to this bug, they get to complete their goal after all: they've been reunited at last and will travel together from now on, as part of your TB.

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