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  1. Looking for someone to help tackle a couple of the more adventurous caches in and around the Eastern shore
  2. well they could have had the courtesy to turn the bug around! then we all could have logged a discovery!
  3. I was playing a stupid computer game that had nothing remotely to do with geocaching and I find this. So, fess up, who is it and what were you thinking?
  4. that Blows, however it is the same as dropping a bug and having it vanish. You have to take the bad with the good. and Keep on keeping on
  5. It is done. It will launch tomorrow. I called it the Book Of Life. Hopefully it will make it to Mass. to pick up a dead bug from the owner of The Book Of The Dead.
  6. I just finished up my new Sig. It is a hand made wooden nickel. i painted black and stamped with my Details in red.
  7. Looks to me like this was " Smooshed into ground, which makes it legal, I think, maybe
  8. Yea, what he said. cause The ______ might give way to _____ and make the ___ to hard to ______ all the _____
  9. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...ca-cbcd76ed38a5 well thats the link
  10. LOL, I was thinking of having it come back to me when full and I can store them for if and when they are found. maybe send them back home then
  11. It was a great idea, it was called " The Book of the Dead" it collected the copy tag of lost travel bugs
  12. I heard of a travel bug that was collecting dead bugs. I thought it was a novel idea and would like to start one myself. I just was wondering if I can do that, or does each bug need to be an original idea?
  13. It is not something you seek out, it is up to the powers that be to determine. If you are needed you will be asked
  14. CAUTION!!!! These strange tupperware containers are known to contain a very rare and odd virus. Once infected by this virus one has the uncontrollable urge to find another, and another and another. This may keep on going for the rest of the subjects life. It is unkown at this time why, although some think this is how the said virus strain procreates.
  15. people can surprise, just wait and see
  16. thanks for you offer of help. i will most likely be tapping your mind cause right now this things seems pretty worthless to me. what exactly is the Trip & Waypoint manager good for? i can't seem to find exact locations on there either? Barb I do not use the trip & waypoint manger. What do you mean exact locations? You may need a map loaded into it for that if it is what I think it is
  17. I am looking for a signature item and was thinking maybe a coin with my signature on it. However seeing as my Sig is kinda long it would need to be a larger coin. Anyone have ideas?
  18. I would have to say that geocaching is probably one of the cheapest hobbies. Once you have the equipment your good to go.
  19. Hi, Welcome to the boards! i also hace the 60csx it is a great little unit. have no fear you do NOT have to have the maps to cache. It just makes it a little bit easier. i do not have anything except the basic. Feel free to ask me any questions here or mail
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