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It seems like I am often waiting on "pagead2.googlesyndication.com" to load. Anyone else noticing this? Doesn't matter which browser I am using and I notice at work and at home with different ISP's. In fact, if I notice it at home and remote into work I'll see the problem concurrently, so I am pretty sure it isn't ISP-related.

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That is when a google ad is loading. Sometimes they get a bit stuck. You will especially see it a lot on blogs where it can sometimes slow the content from loading because google ads will often load before the content.

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Yeah, I work in IT, I knew what was causing it :) ...I just want to know if it's been raised as an issue and if anyone knows if there is a solution potentially or are we stuck with this long term?


There is very little mention of it in the forums here and was curious if those in the know are aware (probably so) and if there is anything they can do working with Google on the issue.

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No worries. I just briefly searched on it and didn't see any real answer to it in the forums, so wasn't sure if it had been addressed or if it's sporadic enough that it's considered a non-issue. It's not a major problem by any means, but I wouldn't expect it to be as common as it is from Google either.

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Here is where it came up once. I was suspecting the ads at first, but then decided that it wasn't constant enough. E.g. I have seen the forums hang up quite a bit without it appearing to be an ad issue.


Thanks, carleenp. :(


It's definitely sporadic, but it's annoying when it is a problem. Thanks for the link. I guess it's not a big enough problem yet to worry about on the Groundspeak side.


I can work around it.

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