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What Software?

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There is a PPC version of Cachemate that comes highly recommended. I have been using the Palm version for going on three years now. The registration fee is a paltry $8.00.


To get the most out of "paperless" caching, you will want to become a Premium Member so you can get Pocket Queries. Most people end up using GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) to handle the data from the PQs.


GPXSonar is another program for your PPC, but I'm not sure that is still available . . .

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Alternatively for cachemate you can search for GPXSonar. The developper has stopped with this application, but you can still download it, for free.

=> BUT, both programs are not necessary required if you want to cache paperless: you can easily use the PPC internet explorer. Just export your caches (from gsak) to a html...


And as said before: gsak with a premium membership of Groundspeak is a must for paperless caching


Good luck with your new passion (to be).




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Thanks for the detailed replies! Another question:


What sort of software should I use for GPS navigation? I've found beelinegps and this seems perfect as it also includes geocaching features, but it is rather pricey for software, and only has a 30 day trial. Anyone know any good GPS software (with or without geocaching functions)?

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