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Tracking software?


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Back in 2006, this question was posted but I don't think it was ever answered. For reasons unclear to me, the thread was locked. I am going to trim it down and hopefully the offending bits will be removed. Surely other folks have this question, too.


"hi i was thinking of having coins minted...and i wanted to add some type of tracking software to my web site to allow...people...to track where they have been... Any one have any ideas where to get software like that?"


My Google search turned up software for tracking coins in one's collection. This person and I are asking about tracking coins we make. I know that the WSGA set up tracking for our state geocoins. That was a lot of work, though. I am hoping that by now someone has developed a more turn-key solution that I could put on my web server and >blammo< be tracking coins in minutes.



Seth! <_<

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I'm afraid this one is going to meet the same fate.


Per the forum guidelines:

Posts made with the intention of soliciting customers to a coin selling, tracking, or manufacturing website will not be tolerated. Links to other commercial coin selling, coin tracking, coin trading and coin manufacturing web sites will be permitted only with permission from Groundspeak. Permission requests may be sent to bizdev (at) Groundspeak.com.


While you may not be soliciting people to another solution - it would be competing with Grondspeak's own tracking solution and thereby not allowed here.


If you get permission to post this (per the note above), drop me a line and I'll re-open the thread.



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