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"Auto-watchlist" for caches . . .


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I wonder whether there is a need for an “auto-watchlist”? :( Let me explain - - - what I have in mind is that as soon as one of your travel items is placed in a cache, that cache is automatically placed on your watchlist so that you are notified of all logs on that cache. You will be able to more easily identify which of your travel items may be missing, and this may even help reduce the number of travel items that are lost.


As soon as your travel item is logged out of the cache it will be removed from your “auto-watchlist”. :D


I believe the following features will be required:


1) The function by which each cacher can elect whether to add the “auto-watchlist” feature, covering ALL their travel items


2) The function by which cachers can add only SPECIFIC travel items (perhaps a check-box of some sort, covering all the cacher's travel items) to the auto-watchlist


3) A feature, perhaps in the e-mail notification related to the travel item, that allows the cacher to click on the link to retain that specific cache on their permanent watchlist.




Cheers from Dubai.





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Not a bad idea - until one of your bugs goes into a MegaEvent 3 months early and 500 accounts start indicating whether or not they'll be there, and dropping in bugs. Then there's the "we attended" and (gasp!) temporary event logs. Then all of the people wondering where the bugs are supposed to be going and who's got which.


With regular caches, I think this is a really good idea. Events - not so much. But then, I don't think bugs should be traded on event pages. Almost every one of my bugs had some type of mishap because of an event. Some survived - some didn't.

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How, exactly, would this reduce the number of lost items?


I suppose there's a possible marginal benefit in being able to contact the last finder(s) and ask if they saw the TB... maybe occasionally you'll find someone who took the TB, dropped in their once-a-year rucksack, and forgot to log it. I tend to add caches with my TBs to my watchlist for exactly this reason, but it does have a lot more to do with "general worry" than any objective capacity to do anything. :(

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