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Portable Application for Geo-2-GPS MAP60C?


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I am looking for a portable application (i.e. one that can be installed and run on a Flash drive or similar removable memory device) that would allow data from Geocaching's website, converted thru Bable or GSAK or something) to be transmitted into a Garmin GPS MAP60C. I have Mapsource and GSAK and all but I need something that can be run on a system it's not installed on. For example, having the application installed on a USB Flash drive, plug it into any PC and run it. Plug the Garmin cable into a USB port and dump data into the Garmin.


Don't need a lot of bells and whistles but I am 99.999% positive Mapsource won't do it.


Any suggestions? Well, any suggestions for ways to do this without lugging my laptop around everywhere I go? :blink:)

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>>How are you going to do it if the computer doesn't have the USB driver for your GPS?


Good point! For that situation I could have the USB drivers already on the Flash drive and ready to go. It wouldn't add anything to their system except a few files it wouldn't use unless a USB Garmin GPS was attached.


Actually it's a back door kind of question I posted as my real goal is to be able to sit at my newly 'locked down' (i.e. no admin rights) workstation and still sit here at lunchtime and prep for an after work caching (or cache maintenance) run. I think I could get the USB driver installed but I can't install applications. But now that you mention it I might try to use our little loophole that we recently found (shhhhhhh). They prevent us from installing app's but locking down the C:\Program Files folder but we have found several things we can installing into a local folder we have rights to. I think I'll try to see if I can squeeze the USB Garmin drivers in and also install Mapsource into a folder I have rights to.


Always pays to talk to someone about it and more ideas pop up!


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I won't venture a guess as to how your employer would like a non-administrative user installing 3rd party drivers on a "locked down" system, but I can tell you mine wouldn't like it. ;)


Your best bet, IMO, is to find something that works via serial connection without installing any drivers or software. You'd have to buy a serial cable, and have access to your computer's serial port. GPS Babel might be it - I don't use it. But that way you'd be complying with the "letter of the law" - not installing anything.


That will work for a while, but you'll be looking for an app that'll run off a floppy disc when they decide to fill all the USB ports with epoxy and you can't run your thumbdrive application... ;)

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