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Photo Gallery Question


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The photos I've uploaded this weekend have the date 5/11/2006 above the thumbnail photos in the Gallery. I've checked my computer clock and calendar and it is correct. The time zone in my profile is okay. The time stamp on the log entry for each PID is correct. The error is only in the Gallery.


I frequently make the log entries on one day and then upload the photos 2 to 24 hours later. However, this never caused an incorrect date in the past. I know we were supposed to "fall back" this weekend. But 18 months is WAY back! ;)


Anyone have a theory?*




*Who knows? In this case, conspiracy/alien theories might be as relevant as real suggestions from the Geek Squad.

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Anyone have a theory?*

I don't have a theory, but I have a few facts. :D I investigated where the dates come from a while ago.


The geocaching.com software gets the date from the Exif tags embedded in the photos you upload. Your digital camera automatically creates the Exif tags when you take a picture. This is completely unrelated to the date/time on your computer or the date/time when you upload a picture.


If the date shown in the gallery is not what you expect, the first thing you should check is the date and time on your digital camera.


Exif tags are usually preserved when you edit pictures in programs like Photoshop. However, there are ways to edit the Exif data, if you really need to. See the Wikipedia article for more info.


(I don't know what the geocaching.com software uses if there aren't any Exif tags in your pictures. I didn't test that case.)

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Wow! You get a gold star!


I had not considered that possibility. Actually, I never look at the camera date, since I don't use it for any purpose. But I looked at the tags a moment ago and that is exactly what is happening.


Many thanks for the info!



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Interesting to say the least.

If you read the Wiki article, you will see that GPS co-ordinates can (haven't tried it yet) be added to the Exif tag!

Very useful if the data is saved in the image on GC.com and can be retrieved by someone downloading it.

I think perhaps some puzzle caches have been created this way...hmmmm......


I have looked at some programs that will match the date and time on from the photo exif with the date and time on your GPS tracking data and then put the matching GPS co-ordinates into the photo exif data.


Just like gc.com reads the time data, some sites, Flickr?, will use the gps data to place the picture on a world map. Would be cool to have little icons around the country and you could just click on the icons of interest in your area and see the benchmark photos.

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