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Upon the recommendation from the forums users, i bought a iPAQ H5550 pocket pc. I haven't gotten it yet, but i am already thinking about the possibilities. I would like to get a gps bluetooth module for it, yet i am having trouble finding info on compatability. Even if i find one that would work, i am wondering about software and other issues. If i can connect is one thing, if i can take full advantage of the device is another. Any advice or links?


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I started with a Ipaq HX4700 and I still use it as backup.


Software installed: GPS Tuner 4.2

Bluetooth device: TomTom GPS SirfIII device


TomTom is as popular as Garmin in Western-Europe...


Other apps to use your gps device are



Vito Navigator




So normally you should not have problems for connecting your gps with your handheld. And also plenty of sofware out there (free or with a minor fee).




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You should be able to find solutions to your problems. The GPS receiver will probably work as long as your mapping software is compatible with your device. It appears your operating system is Pocket PC 2003.


Several GPS off road mapping programs can be found at Handango. Most of the developers offer a list of devices their mapping programs work with.


Some popular programs for geocaching are Memory Map, GPS Tuner, TrackyPro, GPS Dash, and Backcountry Navigator.

I personally have Backcountry Navigator and think its great.

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