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Snowmobile Friendly Cache Attributes


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A few friends and I have discussed caching with our sleds, but it is hard to know which caches are both winter and snowmobile friendly. While searching the Forum for this, I only found one TOPIC in Canada. So, I thought I'd open it up to everyone. (Everyone who gets snow, that is.) :huh:

If you own a sled/winter friendly cache, that is on or near a sled trail, can you please set the attributes to show the snowmobile/snow icons? And any other attributes that apply, for that matter. This will help us get a usable pocket query.


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Great idea! My 'best choice for snowmobilers' cache placement is

GCMYC8 "Three Forks of the Montana", located just south of Talkeetna, Alaska.

It's a fun cache to access in the summertime, with bears hiking the trails and several

single-log bridges to cross, but the wintertime brings out a different side to this cache.

I'm placing several more caches further up the trail here later this winter, as well as a

couple in the Petersville Hills west of Talkeetna (or south of Denali National Park...).

You can be sure this cache has had a snowmobile and winter-friendly cache attribute

icon since the day it was posted!




Snowmobiles waiting for their geocaching riders' return -

Middle Fork, Montana Creek - near Talkeetna AK (& the cache!)

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