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New page code triggers Norton anti-worm alert


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all of a sudden, whenever I load a gc.com page, norton anti-worm pops up to report "http ms ie object element data dos" on some random port. I found a symantec page that addresses the topic - http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/attack_sigs/s21422.html




Did you do what that page recommends?




Upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer and apply all available patches.


Did this fix it?

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Out of curiousity, I thought I would send one of my cache pages to the HTML Validator to see how bad the new code is.


At the bottom of the very long page, I finally got this message:


Error: end tag for IMG omitted; possible causes include a missing end tag, improper nesting of elements, or use of an element where it is not allowed

Line 121, character 41:

... <img src="../images/nav/menu_di ...



start tag was here


The maximum number of errors was reached. Further errors in the document have not been reported.

If the code was cleaner, I bet Norton wouldn't be confused. Also, I'm pretty sure the pages would load more quickly . . .

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