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.est to .gpx?


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I've got a route in .est format and my friend also exported it to .gpx but when I try to import it mapsource (using CN 2008) it tries to recalculate the shortest route so the route isn't the same route anymore. Is there a tool to convert .est files to .gpx? and also, how can I make sure the route stay exactly the same? Thanks in advance.

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S&T doesn't store computed routes. It stores endpoints and viapoints and recomputes them on a load. Since converters (like GPSBabel) aren't alchemists and can't convert data that isn't there the way around this is to add via points in your route ensuring that the route in the target device contains the resolution of the one chosen in the source.


The more via points you add (as a practical matter, you don't have to add one at every turn, just enough to lead it the "right" way) the more they'll match.

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