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The MNGCA moderators want to suspend me.

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WOW…. The MNGCA moderators have threaten me with a seven-day suspension for asking a legimite question about when the November/ December Breakfast buddies event will be. They have locked ever one of my post on this subject telling me to use the same stale thread which at this time is over ten pages long. In my many post asking this question no one can answer this question for me. There are more concerned about micro managing this forum. It seems that the moderators pick and choose which topic should have more then one thread on them, take the weeknight caching crew. I have no problem with them posting a new thread ever week for there unofficial event. But when I make the point about this they state that the post doent warrant its own threads do to the fact of Volume. The Week NIGHT caching threads draw an average of 25+ posts per WEEK. The BB thread has drawn about 135 since December 2004. Why is that event more important? Could this be a little more of the good old boys censorship?


I feel that maybe its time to dump the current moderators and get some new people in there, It seems that the officers of the MNGCA are the same as the moderators, and I feel that influences the decision they make.


I encourage all clubs and association to look at the officers and moderators and see what kind of decision could be Influence with the same people running the show.

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