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Qatar's Caches


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Recent months have seen a huge rise in the number of caches in Qatar. No less than 15 new caches have been placed in teh last couple of months and there are a number of new cachers active here as well. There are plans afoot for many more new caches in the near future. :o


This is great to see and I certainly hope that the numbers of both caches and cachers will continue to grow. It would also be great to see visitors from our neighbouring countries logging a few Qatari caches as well. The winter is fast approaching now - caching season is here! :(


Happy caching. :ph34r:

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According to a log posted today, this cache has now been inspected:


October 8 by cincol (26 found)

After being contacted via e-mail about the state of this cache I went to investigate. The cache is exactly where it was placed and in excellent condition. I did not see any trace of dangerous / hazardous / toxic materials anywhere near it.


Have a go cachers - this is what the caching challenge is all about!


Happy caching & good luck.


It sounds like you discovered something other than the geocache. Since the cache is confirmed to be there, you may want to try again to find it. Good luck. Happy Geocacaching!

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