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Geocoinfest Questions?

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We are brand new to collecting geocoins and we are planning to attend the Geocoinfest probably in PA. I was wondering how I should go about dropping my coins into the event so they can be discovered? At the moment we are planning to attend if we can gain enough money to go through a yard sale we have planned the weekend before hand. Right now I only have 4 coins that I have activated and 2 I am willing to use as a trade? I know I can drop the activated coins into the event as something to show off at the event but is there a way to advertise the 2 that I am willing to trade without activating them (maybe put a notice in the log?) I have also began keeping a record of the coins I have activated and unactivated so that when someone wants the tracking # so they can log a seen it on one of my activated ones I can look at my sheet and give it to them really quickly without having to squint my eyes to read it on the coin. Is there anything else I need to do before going to the event? Thanks for any help :)

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You can post a note to the event since you only have a few you want to advertise for trade. Those with long lists can just add a note with a link to their online trading list. What I don't like to see is those that are not attending the event to use the GC event page as a way to solicit trades.


For the coins that I bring to an event that are activated, I make up a slip with all the TB numbers on them and then make several copies of the slip. That way when someone views the coins that I've brought, I just give them a copy of the slip. Makes things easier for everyone. :)


Hope that helps. Looking forward to meeting you at the PA event.



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Note that there is no requirement that you drop your trackables into the event in order for people to discover them - you are, of course, free and welcome to do so, if it pleases you


Trackables can be discovered wherever they are - logged as being in your inventory, "unknown location", an archived holding cache, or any other place that you care to leave them


As long as you are showing the items to people at the event, they may be discovered where ever they happened to be logged as being on GC.com


They only have to be activated to be discovered - no other restrictions apply

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