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SWE: Vildmarksvägen


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hello to sweden,


by chance I discovered this road on wikipedia:




As I am interested in" lostroads" so I plan go to this area next year.


Unfortunatly there not many informations to find about this road.


Is this a gravelraod ( asphaltfree or bad condition )?

How many fuelstations other infrastructure ( hotels, campsites, shops )?


What elde I have to know about this road / area?


thanks in advance


greetings from cologne




ps. by the way I ride a motorbike honda xrv 750 africatwin

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Hi Alex,

I'm in Sweden, but not really familiar with the area at all. Might I suggest that you go to the Swedish Geocacher forum and post there, English is fine to use there, even if most posts are in Swedish, someone will post back in English. Here is the address!


Sweden has this wonderful law that translates out to all man's rights... as long as something isn't fenced off or has no trespassing signs, and as long as you don't destroy anything, you're welcome to camp, pick berries, etc, so those type of things shouldn't be a problem. The only thing you might run into for trouble is that so many things here close early in the small towns, it's not uncommon for things to close at 4 or 5 pm on weeknights, but most gas stations are fully automated and card friendly, if not all of them!


Just be sure that you go in the summer. It's Sweden's highest road and closed in the winter! Looks like a fun trip, though! There is another website, a PDF for it here, but it's all in Swedish!


Lycka till!

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