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  1. Hello to all swedish geocachers, sorry for asking something OT. I love to study maps, for the moment I discover sweden by maps. In the Jämtland area I found a notice in the map saying "4000 ar gamla hällmaln", this palce is at the road 340 between Stängviken and Häggsjön, close to N. Skärvängen / Skärvängssjön. It must be something special / worth a visit. Please tell what it is. Many thanks Alex
  2. hello canada, in the news in germany were some reports that because of less ice to enforce shipping through the nwp. also there were reports that there are plans to build provision stations ect. sine I was a young boy I read everything about that area. at the goldrushtimes I wasn´t born, during oilrush I was too young, but now I think its my time to go there................ can you tell me if there are already any plans to develope the north? are any companies already working up there? if yes wich kind of comp.? is there any chance for foreigners to get a job there ? it would be great to get some informations! - other forums / links? gretings from cologne germany alex
  3. hello to sweden, by chance I discovered this road on wikipedia: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vildmarksv%C3%A4gen As I am interested in" lostroads" so I plan go to this area next year. Unfortunatly there not many informations to find about this road. Is this a gravelraod ( asphaltfree or bad condition )? How many fuelstations other infrastructure ( hotels, campsites, shops )? What elde I have to know about this road / area? thanks in advance greetings from cologne alex ps. by the way I ride a motorbike honda xrv 750 africatwin
  4. hello to norway, http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kampf_um_Norwegen I´m very interested in this text on wiki, but unfortunatly I cannot get closer informations in germany. So I´m asking you, could someone please do an english translation? Also I would like to have a DVD. Anyone who can help me? greetings from germany alex
  5. here is the picture: baltic traffic
  6. dear baltic-cachers, I read a report about a journey through the 3 baltic states, also several pictures were shown. one picture shew a strange trafficsign: a red triangle ( warning ) , in the triangle is a horse with a rider , the rider looks like the devil and has a lance with him. the horse is loosing it´s excrements. I think it´s not serious, but what kind of joke it´s telling? rgds alex ps. tomorrow I will post a picture.
  7. hallo suomi, can someone please translate this text: Matkalla Chauffin kanssa. Mikropurkki oli varsin hyvin löydettävissä, piilotettiin sitä hieman paremmin. Luolaankin pääsee sisälle jos haluaa, eli tämän voisi vaikka enabloida tällaisenaan, eli kätkö ulkona sisälle menee ne jotka menee? Or can someone reommend a transaltion internetsite for suomi? rgds alex
  8. hello texas, by chance I found out that in 2004 a rich man from texas bought 18/20 meters from the "westwall" in the "eifel" and shipped it to TX. Has anyone an idea where this part of the monument now is standing in TX. thanks and greetings from cologne-germany alex
  9. hello waymarkers, my name is alex, I´m from germany. At the moment I´m reading a german book about a bicycle trip on the route 66. In this book the meramec caves are mentionend, the owner Les Dill did a special kind of promotion / advertising in the years 1930/40 : in 30 states he asked farmers to paint there sheds close to the highways with an ad / promo for the caves. In the book ( 12 years old ) it´s mentionend that some are still existing and that they are a national symbol. if there are still some it would be good idea to save them in a waymark? what do you think? greetings from germany alex
  10. another c. from my watchlist: --------- 23:30 den 24/6-2006 fik jeg endelig lejlighed til fysisk at besøge dette pragtfulde sted. Cachen er logget virtuelt for længe siden - men nu blev den endelig "færdig-gjort" Satte geocacher kollega Gade af - da han længe har ønsket at overnatte under åben himmel på dette sted - inden har om få dage fylder 50. Dette blev så anledningen til et længe ønsket besøg. ----- can someone do a translation please!? rgds alex
  11. thank you very much!
  12. hello suomi, I have this cache on my watchlist: Location: Finland 2JMT found Old fuel storage cave (Archived) (Traditional Cache) at 6/23/2006 The last log was only written in suomi, can someone do a translation in english or german please? -------------------- Mitä ihmettä ! Minä kyllä löysin purkin ja muistaakseni OptiQ oli viimeisin kävijä sillä paperilla noin yhdeksän kuukautta sitten. Itseasiassa purkki (musta filmipurkki) löytyi varsin helposti. GPS Pyöritti hieman mutta kun luolan suuaukko näkyi niin silloin ei ollut epäselvyyttä minne mennä. Oven eteen oli kammettu kaksi hirveä kokoista kiveä, joten sinne ei ihan heppoisin järjestelyin ole asiaa. TNL= 2 ZAR (Etelä-Afrikan 2 randin kolikko) --------------- Thanks in advance. alex
  13. you 2 thanks for the support, I will prepare everything asap.
  14. thanks a lot!! would be this name ok: suomi in kölni ? can you probably do the translation for the hole cache-descreption? would be funny to have a real suomi-cache in cologne!! best regards alex
  15. hello soumi, today I collegue from work told me that there is are some finish / suomi houses in cologne. these were build in / after ww2, also these houses are in area in cologne wich is quite "scandinavic". now I´m planning a cache there. therefor I need to know whats the name of cologne in your language? thanks for yr support. rgds alex
  16. hello baltic-cachers, I found by chance a.m. name "lasdehnkalnis". It´s a name of a little mountain / hill, near ROMINTEN. It´s a old "german" trigometric-(way)point. Is any one able to tell me the coords? greetings from cologne-germany alex
  17. is there any planning about maps for wm?
  18. hello scandinavia, I´m planning a trip to lake Inari, when studding the map, I saw close to Inari the nationalpark ovre pasvik. But it seems to be difficult to go there. Is it possible to go there via RUS border Nellim / Virtaniemi -> Janiskoski / Nautsi -> Nyrud? The maps I have are not very detailed. Is there a road ( I will come by motorbike )? Someone any ideas about this area? regards alex
  19. hello Waymarking-fans, I read a lot about new proposals, but I would apprciate if you also put at least one picture of thing you propose. so also no-english-speaker are able to understand, what you propose. thanks for cooperation. alex p.s. in germany we say : a picture says more then 1000 words!
  20. found it at n 45-01-453 / e 004-52-531 nearly every parking place on a highway in europe has a name. this is named "latitude" = wide degree a really rare name for a parking place! the red line trough the sign means-> end of parking place!
  21. what about lost bridges, in germay you find some bridges wich where built before the highway came, but then the h-way never came. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...10-4ff18140f57f an extra catagory for bridges or incl. lostroads?
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