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Garmin 60CSx Purchase Question

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I am a fairly new person to GC. I currently have a Lowrance IFinder H2O that my son and I have been using for GC. I would like to purchase another GPS so we can both have a GPS (I can't get my current one away from him when searching - he's 12). I am leaning toward a Garmin 60CSx. If one purchased such a unit what software and/or map chips/upgrades should one make right away for geocaching? I am not very familiar with the software that is available. My H2O is currently being used with map chips. I see many more experienced GCers connecting a computer to their GPS. I apologize for the very basic question but I am just learning.


Thanks! :D

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having just decided to upgrade myself I was stuck between choosing either the 60sx your looking at or the Vista HCx..... In the end the only difference I could find between them is that the screen is larger on the 60sx (but lower resolution so it makes no difference) but the screen is brighter on the vista and the battery life is like almost double.... plus its smaller and alot cheaper.


I know the vista has a few bugs (because its new) but nothing major that would affect geocaching and according to garmin they are hoping to fix these with the next firmware update that you can download off their site.


As for maps Just about everyone sais the basemaps are hopeless so You have the choice of routing software if your using it for more or a road navigator or the Topo maps if your going to be treking alot on foot and want more detail.


As for the DVD Vs SD card option when buying there are pros and cons to both. With the DVD and a blank SD card option you can always replace or upgrade the size of the card and your DVD is a constant backup. Witht he SD card option some people say they are more compressed so it holds a larger area. Handy if your moving long distances. ( dont know if this is true).


Hope this helps..

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if you don't care about turn by turn directions in the car just get topo 2008. I just got it from amazon for 59.10 and it has a 30.00 rebate from garmin. It has most streets and info. I would get a 1 or 2 gig card so you can load a big area on it.


Is there a current rebate on Topo 2008? I looked at Amazon, and they have a rebate for the Topo product purchased before August 22. I'm about to order a 60Cx, and I'd probably get Topo 2008 if they still have a rebate on it.


EDIT: Never mind...I just found the information on Garmin's site. They do have a current rebate, but only for UPGRADES from TOPO to Topo 2008.

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Sanyo Eneloop rechargeables AAs and charger are a great investment!

No other NiMhs hold their charges for as long a period when not being used.

I am using 2 while storing my 2 back-ups in my geocaching pouch.


I have had and used other higher MaHr batteries when we first started geocaching, but the Eneloops have proven themselves to be the best batteries for GPS use.


Wallymart and Circuit City carry them.

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