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  1. I am a fairly new person to GC. I currently have a Lowrance IFinder H2O that my son and I have been using for GC. I would like to purchase another GPS so we can both have a GPS (I can't get my current one away from him when searching - he's 12). I am leaning toward a Garmin 60CSx. If one purchased such a unit what software and/or map chips/upgrades should one make right away for geocaching? I am not very familiar with the software that is available. My H2O is currently being used with map chips. I see many more experienced GCers connecting a computer to their GPS. I apologize for the very basic question but I am just learning. Thanks!
  2. Pengofamily - Thank you for your kind assistance!
  3. Hello, I just purchsed some new travel bugs and geocoins. These are my first bugs and coins. I have a few basic questions I hope an experienced person can help me with 1.) I purchased some basic Groundspeak Travel Bugs. When I activate the bugs I enter the tracking number on the bug. I am then assigned a Trackable Item #. What is the difference between these two numbers and do I need to keep track of both of them? 2.) I purchased some basic Oak Coins Travel Coins. Obviously these coins have a tracking # on them. When I activate them I am asked for the activation code that is supposed to be on the packaging of each coin. I cannot find any tracking # in the packaging. Am I missing something here or do I have to contact Oak Coins to get this #? 3.) My Geocoins came with a small plastic holder with a small card inside with info blanks for "Coin Name", Tracking #, etc. Does one fill all of this out and send it with the item? 4.) Are trackable item #'s to be kept confidential (See item #1 above) or can one share them on the small card referenced in item #3 above? I apologize for all of the questions but I want to do this correctly! Thank You for Your Help!
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