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activating a coin

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so i got this coin as a 2nd to find prize.

I activate it

and I get this message


You have successfully assigned this Trackable Item to your account. Your Trackable Item number is:




Write this number down. This is the number you can share with other users. Do not give out your Trackable Item tracking number as it is used to verify that users have your Bug. The reference number will also be listed on your Trackable Item's page.


Next, provide some information about your Trackable Item. Give it a name, description, and a goal if it has one. All that is required is a name, and you can always go back to update the Trackable Item's information after you have finished these steps.


so as you see it says this is your trackable item number , then it says to share that number with others , then it says do not give out your trackable item number,

whoa , what , do i give it out or not ?

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Congratulations on your STF prize. The tracking number that the message is referring to is the public tracking number for your coin. All trackable items have a public number like this that you can share with people so they can see the profile for your item. You are welcome to give this number out although there really isn't much of a reason to.


The number on the coin itself is a private number. This is the number used to track/discover the coin. This number is just like a tracking number on a travel bug. This number should not be posted publicly.


An example:


We activated a GeoWoodstock 5 coin. The public number used to reference this item is TB1MP2R. This number can be typed in and it will take you to the page for the coin in my collection. However, it will not allow you to discover or grab the coin. For that you would need the number on the coin itself which can not be posted in public.


Hope this helps!

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hmmm, seems like they were trying to cover all angles.


The tracking number, the one that is required to actually log the coin shouldn't be shared in the sense of emailing it around, posting it online, showing it in photos etc.


People who find or see the coin can certainly use the number to log it.


If you want to reference the coin online (or in person) without having to give the web page link, in the upper left hand corner of the coin page is a reference number that you can use.

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I just started collecting geocoins and have two that I definetly want to keep and two that I would trade off if I found something I wanted but do I activate the coins that I would trade or not. I already activated the ones I want to keep because I never plan to give them up. If I were to activate the ones I would trade, is it easy to trade off ownership of the coin to someone else if I traded with them and should I trade for a coin that another person has activated but not sent into the wild?

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From the geocoin section of the forum the general consensus is that traders want coins that are unactivated. Same deal with any coins you may sell on ebay down the road. To most an activated coin does not have the same value as a fresh coin, hence trading is much more difficult.


With that said if you plan to keep the coin go ahead and activate them. If you think you will trade them you may be better off not activating it.


One thing that most collectors will do is purchase multiple coins if they really like them. They may activate one and then trade or sell the others.


Either way welcome to the coin addiction!

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