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Difficulties with Ciphers


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Is there an easier way to decode "unusual" ciphers in puzzle caches, let say difficulty 2/3?


I have an engineering / programming background and I tend to over analyze things.

Too much knowledge can be a bad thing.

I usually need to take a step back and say "OK, how would a non technical person figure this out?"


I read the logs and see how others figured it out, it seems like they google for something then adjust their settings somehow. I just not really sure what to google for in most cases.


I guess there are special online decoding tools that people are using for these puzzles.

I doubt that you need to be a rocket scientist to figure these out, it should be basic math / trig / geometry.


Some examples:

- a drawing with a set of semicircles and lines

- a drawing with dots and lines, looking like constellations (but not quite)

- ciphers with ASCII characters (letters, numbers and punctuation)

- lengthy story with something hidden in the text itself

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