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YAPIDKA in geocaching glossary

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One of my favorite geocaching terms that I found while looking at various regional web sites was YAPIDKA -- "Yet Another Park I Didn't Know About". What a great term. Although no one has used that acronym in one of my caches, I often did see the comment that the person didn't know about the park I'd put the cache in. There are many other parks that I've found caches in that I didn't know about.


I propose that "YAPIDKA -- Yet Another Park I Didn't Know About" be added the geocaching.com glossary.


I submitted the idea as a message to the geocaching.com people and Eric suggested I post it to this forum.


Probably if we all think it's good enough to be included, it will be.


Hal Huntley (halhal)

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Back in 2002, Moosiegirl and TheOutlaw in Austin started using the term. I don't know if it was used earlier, but here is YAPIDKA #2, and it was published July 24.






In a search for caches with that in the title, here is a list of 20. Of those 20, 6 are from Moosiegirl and TheOutlaw, and another 7 are hidden by another Austin area cacher.

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