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Queenstown to Tekapo Geocache error!


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Hi everyone,


Doing a South Island trip in a few weeks time and have managed to get caches along the route for everywhere EXCEPT Queenstown to Timaru! I go through the usual process on Google Earth and upload my KML file into my created routes. However, I get an Application error when I attached it into a Pocket Query. What's more, thereafter I cannot delete that uploaded route!!! It just stays in "my uploaded Routes" directory wasting space!


So, currrently, had failures with Cromwell to Timaru, Timaru to Cromwell, Queenstown to Timaru, Queenstown to Tekapo and they're all stuck in my Geocaching directory!


Is this a one-off user problem, or (as I suspect) a small (and common) error for ANYONE who tries finding caches along a route along this road!?


Cheers all.

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