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Just wondering how some travel bug logs seem to adopt the font of the text in which the description is written. For example, I have noticed that my travel bug - this one has had the logs made bold.


Another example is here has had its logs increased in size.


Any ideas how I can fix this for my Travel Bugs?







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Well, the logs look just fine for me. No bold or larger fonts. The bug descriptions do have such settings.


I'm wondering if it isn't a browser setting. What are you using?


WOW, that's weird. I will ask a fellow cacher to check and see what the problem seems to be that I am seeing different size fonts, etc... I am using the latest version of Internet Explorer - Version 7.


Thanks BlueDeuce - I see your valuable comments scattered on almost each thread.


Regards from Dubai.


GeoCRAt / Charles.

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... Any ideas how I can fix this for my Travel Bugs? ...




It's the underlying HTML/CSS tags and the way browsers interpret such tags.


First look that all open structure marks (i.e. <, [, ...) have corresponding close structure marks (i.e. >, ], ...)

plus running code through HTMLTidy and programs like it can help.


Edited: For clarification?

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