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Upload Route Problem


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I know this has been discussed before but I will describe my latest problem uploading a route in hopes of getting TPTB to take this seriously. I will try to be as specific as possible the steps to reproduce this problem.


1) Open Google earth,

2) select add->path from the menu.

3) Give it an appropriate name

4) Use the Mouse to draw the route on the map.

5) Click OK in the new path box to save it.

6) Right click on the new path in the 'places' list and select 'save as' and save it as a KML file.

7) Open http://www.geocaching.com/my/userroutes.aspx

8) Select Upload GPX/KML, browse to the newly created KML file and select 'Upload'.

9) Select preview, it shows OK, in my example its 89 points for 183 miles.

10) It should now show the new route, the distance and number of points, select the check box next to the new route and click 'Save Selected Route'.

11) It now shows zero points but the same number of miles but shows Seattle on the map. And when I select 'delete' it returns to the route list but does not remove it.


I did another test using the same procedures but with only 11 points and it worked correctly. I am trying to plan a caching road trip for Labor day weekend and find the caching along a route system so buggy that its unusable.

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I had virtually the same experience, followed the same steps. I now have 3 pocket queries that I cannot edit/delete. I click on the query and get a page titled "Queue empty." with a heading "Server Error in '/' Application."


And yet, when I preview the query it works.

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It is a well known issue. No need for a new topic. Site upgrade is taking priority. Edited to add that they are taking this seriously, which is why they are working on the major site restructuring.


For deletion, did you go to the main PQ page, check the box for the one you want deleted, then click the database_delete.png trash can image to delete the unwanted PQ's?

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OK. Again, this is a well known issue. There was no need to create a new topic. If you want to delete these while they are fixing it, create the PQ, delete the email that comes in then delete the route that is created from the PQ summary page. That is a work around for now and they are working on it.

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I can understand that they are working on the new sites and that we are not going to get any new features until that's ready, but I find it unacceptable they should let an existing feature remain so badly broken until this major upgrade is done, some time in the distant future. For now they should either fix caching along a route or remove it. It may be a known issue but unless we keep it bringing it may never get fixed.

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