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"Find caches along route" crashes


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It doesn't seem like the other topics cover this but if one does then please redirect this one and/or close it.


For the past several day in the "find caches along route" I keep getting the following error. Systems are Linux (firefox) and Mac (firefox and safari):

Server Error in '/' Application.

Index and length must refer to a location within the string. Parameter name: length


Line 35: <td><%# ConvertToDescr(Databinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Descr"), 60) %></td>

A lot of the screen dump is cut out of the above. Any idea of what is going on? Thanks.

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Also fails for me using IE7 on a WinXP machine. Am I the only one seeing this problem? I would have thought that there would be more complaints.


I also get this error. It does not seem to be OS or browser-dependent. I reported to Groundspeak and got this response:




Thank you for writing us. At this time, this feature does have some bugs and we are aware of them. Our development team is looking into it. In the meantime, you may wish to consult our forums.





Groundspeak, Inc."


I have been able to get around the error in some cases by choosing a shorter route, but have yet to figure out what's going wrong.



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During the brief moment that we had the new website software running (Aug 16), I noticed that some attention has been paid to getting the route stuff working. The preview, for instance, was fixed. Tomorrow we'll have that running again. That will be a good time to test which bugs are been fixed and which might still be present.

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My crashes (all three OSes, all browsers) are occuring immediately after I press the "Find caches..." link from my geocaching page. I don't even have a chance to look at or enter routes. I actually haven't used this feature in several months so, maybe, I have old data that is interferring with the program? Anyway I will try it out again later today on the assumption that new software will be in place.

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Still having the problem here as well. The extra routes won't delete and they have zero route turns. Also getting the same Server Error message. Preview maps for other users' created routes seem to be messed up, with zero turns for those, too. The preview map shows some Google Map of the greater Seattle area.

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