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revisiting a cache?


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If you log a cache twice as "Found It," your cache count will increase. The system will allow that. But, there are only a very few instances where doing this would be considered appropriate. If the cache has an added caveat, a puzzle or something, and the owner allows you to log the find twice for extra credit, or if the cache is substantially changed or moved, but the listing stays the same, you may be able to log twice. Other than these situations, logging the same cache more than once as "Found" is very much frowned upon. Most geocachers will tell you "One unique GC# = One find." And many cache owners (ourselves included) will delete multiple "Found" logs by the same user.


However, you can visit a cache as many times as you like. If you are in the area of a cache you've already found and want to stop in and check on the cache, many cache owners appreciate you checking on their caches, particularly if the cache has been logged as "Did Not Find" recently. You can also drop off and pick up travel bugs from caches you've already found. In these cases, you should log you visit as "Write a note" and not as "Found."

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If you log a cache twice as "Found It," your cache count will increase.

My experience is that a person's cache count WON'T change if you log a cache twice, but then I could be wrong :-) Easy enough to check, I guess...

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I've logged one cache 3 times. It was a travelling cache and was at very different coordinates each time I found it. This is one of the rare instances where I don't think it's wrong to log a cache more than once. Your find count definitely does go up each time the cache is logged.


As for visiting caches multiple times, I've done that in order to drop travel bugs. There's nothing wrong with visiting them again. I just log a note for that.

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