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  1. hi lewis here, are you allowed to visit and log a cache twice?
  2. Just grabbing the bug without letting the prior people catch up their logs is rude. thats a bit harsh
  3. l3wis83

    Newb ?'s

    im a newbie but a coin theif how lame, mums and dads play this game with there children so to all coin theifs please show some respect
  4. i'll keep this short. was going to post in gettin started but im a newbie so was i right? can u revisit a cache just because there a geo coin in it? (or a tb?) whats the difference between a geocoin n a tb? ,can u keep them? sorry for wastin time is this seams simple
  5. apart from the new nokia mobile phone is there any other phone that you can have gps on whats good for cache-ing?? plz help thank-you
  6. hey uotrackers keep ur chin up!, well thats what my nanna says to me.................im still hunting for my first geocoin
  7. cinder2007 prob went to the house........never seen since.................
  8. l3wis83

    terra cache

    well this site is the 1 for me
  9. can you put cordinates into a tom tom ?
  10. use a torch dont look in the dark
  11. new to this. ive found alot of broken toys anoying when the junk doesn't work oh-well but 1 persons junk is another persons treasure!!!
  12. I think its a coin that has a tracking bug in it so they can find out where the coin has been. thanks
  13. im new to this game and need help with a few things. first what is a geocoin and why are there so many i dont understand?? can i creat my own then?? how do i get someone else's geocoin?? i'd love 1....
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