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Being Watched

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Personally, I love it when my TB's or coins get "watched."


Myself, I generally will add a "watch" to a coin or bug that had something meaningful (An interesting find, a story behind it, or one that I helped complete its mission)


Sometimes I get tired of too many "watchlist" emails and remove them, but the most interesting ones stay.

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I don't know how many others do this but if I have helped move a TB or coin along I like to add it to my watch page just to see where it goes after we have had a hold of it. So that may explain some of your watchers.

I also like seeing where a TB goes after I have moved one along. But instead of adding a watch to each bug, I go to the "My Account" page and click Bugs under My Logs. All the TBs I have ever had are shown there. Of course you don't get an e-mail every time one is logged, but it's easy enough to just click on each one you want to see.
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