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  1. No I (RCDispatchersx2) are the owners of the bug not the ones who have it, I am trying to get it released and back into geocaching. TYVM
  2. I just got this email.... Your T-Bug is currently being held at the Gulf Breeze Sheriff's Dept. (30º 21'37.21N 87º 10'54.16W These coordinates are from Google Earth for what that's worth?) Who ever bails him out must ask for "Chuck the Travel Bug Duck" Someone who hasn't had a good experience with geocaching and apparantly has given up. Is there anyone going to the area or there that might can get my travel bug back out in the wild blue yonder? TB199ZW is the reference number for the bug... Thanks in advance for anyone that can help out.
  3. I got our two a set to keep, they don't even know about them yet lol. I also got a set for them to release out in the geo world of caches. That way they can enjoy watching them travel. Thanks again for doing this they are going to be excited. I am just glad it happened at a time I could get all that we wanted.
  4. Any word on where these will be sold at today?
  5. Reviewers are volenteers so depending on how busy they are in personal aspects as well. But like emurock said it usually only takes a few days.
  6. We have daughter of one of us as LittlestPetShop (age 6 soon to be 7) Son of the other littledevil2002 (age 6)
  7. Being a Vin Diesel Fan I had to hunt some of his movies up lol.... Are you sure it is under here? Check the hint again. Ok you distract them and I will go for the FTF. They usually hide them in containers about this big and you use GPS to go and hunt for them.
  8. I have been blessed with many children so far in my life and suffered the pain of loosing some I have gotten close to. I will start with my little sister in law, I meet her when I was 15 and she was 4! I was engaged to a wonderful man (married him too) and he was from a family of 4 siblings, she was the baby of the family. Let me just say she wasn't too thrilled with big brother's girlfriend at first. I finally won her over with her love to pick on him and we engaged as cohorts in a water fight against him. In June of 2007 I watched that little girl walk down the aisle to be married at the age of 21. My how time flies. Next was my nephew who was born when I was 16, growing up as an only child and the youngest of the cousins, I didn't really have any babies around that I could get close to so when my fiance's older bother and his wife had a son I was just totally smitten. Christopher was the happiest baby and always smiling it was very easy to let him grab you heart and tug. Soon after I discovered I was expecting as well, while not totally planned I was excited. We got married just a little bit earlier than intended and then March rolled around. We all suffered the loss of our darling baby Christopher to SIDS, he was 4 months old, I was 3 months into my pregnancy. It was a source of comfort to us and a worry too, would I lose my baby as well. I made it through ok and my daughter joined us, I was 17 and I finished up my High School. Christopher would have been 16 this past November and my oldest baby is 15 now. 8 years later I was blessed with another daughter who has been a blessing to us, she was planned and we thought some medical issues had caused me not to have another as it took us a year and 1/2 of trying to concieve to be blessed with her. Now her older sister might not agree with me on that. This one is the one who gets a glint in her eye when I mention going caching. She is now getting ready to turn 7 in about a month and is enjoying first grade. They both suffle me between Marching Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, T Ball (or is it PeeWee this year), book fairs, school plays, fundraising, girl scouts, boyfriends, I need money and I'm Hungry at any given time. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. I Love being their Mom. I also have since the beginning been blessed with 3 nieces and 2 nephews and looking forward to more. This brings me to now. Last year I again lost a baby to SIDS...my best friend and his fiance had a baby boy who came at a time in my life where I wanted another baby around but was done with my own childbearing. Being very close with them Baby Jayden was just the ticket to cure my babyitis as I called it. I keep him every chance I could get and we gathered weekly for a big meal with other friends and family. He was 3 months old it has been just over a year since he left us. The one thing I remember saying in my grief at the time was that SIDS is not suppose to be common enough to affect someone twice in their life. While neither of the boys where mine by birth I would have raised them as my own if needed. In addition to these children that have touched my life add to that the kids I have had in Brownie troups, my girls close friends (many who call me Mom as well), kids from church, the kids in band, neighborhood kid who would end up my house on the rainy days all I can say is I have been truely blessed in my life to know the Joy of a Child. Carrie one of the RCDispatchersx2
  9. Thanks everyone, i will check out your link when I have more brain power tomorrow Markwell. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. This is for caches along a route but I have never had any luck with PQs
  10. I have tried the pocket quearies before with no luck I get the queary and it says there is none. I tried it along a route which is along I 75, I know there are several at rest stops and such as I have traveled it before and still not getting anything. What am I doing wrong? Thanks RCDispatchersx2
  11. Not for me...I have the uncanny ability to remember everything while under the influence...every embarressing moment in fact.... one of the RCDispatchersx2
  12. lack'o gas lack'o money lack'o time and recently other life issues had prevented us from heading out...surgeries, work and holidays
  13. We both are type 2 as well and seeing the TBs on the website was the hitch that made us decide to go for this addiction. One of us doesn't have many episodes of it dropping but still I try to keep a granola bar or something sweet in my pack (hard candies last the longest to keep). If you just stuff pockets try keep a bag of peppermints or other hard candy in your vehicle and stuff one or two in the pockets as well. Or get in the habit of carrying one or two in with your change. I have always heard it is best to ingest the sugar slowly. Such as sucking on a candy but that information could be wrong. We usually have kids with us on longer hikes and the backpack is a must to keep all the stuff they need so we keep it in the vehicle. If the pack is cumbersome keep it in the car but something with you as well. There is this new mini testing kit out forget the name I am going to look into getting one of those for geocaching. I am sure others mentioned what I did but that's my two cents RCDispatchersx2
  14. A recent fear due to the hiker killed in Georgia and the killer poss linked to other hiker killings. And I don't usually scare easily but these stories have put my hair on end. Hiker Killings
  15. I use the same GPS, like all the other posters any only gets you so many feet to the cache then factor in did the placer stand so far away instead of right on top of the cache for the posted coords... But what I do with my Lowrance is use the arrow to get me with in so many feet then I switch to the screen that lists the coords you are at till I pin into the exact ones listed for cache, then put down the gps and start looking. Hope this helps
  16. I keep wanting to come up on someone holding the cache just so I can holler out Drop the cache! but I am mean like that
  17. I sent a note to the cacher offering to take them off their hands, postage paid. I won't even log them all. I'll just pass them along to various people in the US community and let them place them. If you get a response and need help in placing them, I will be glad to help out, especially if being in ky would help out any of them. My TB passing along references are in my profile
  18. From someone who has planned a vacation around geocaching...or is it geocaching around a vacation...it was good to see I am not the only one. Glad you had so much fun!
  19. They have just started putting these on the barns here in my county in Kentucky. I have one right accross the road from me. They are very very pretty.
  20. My youngun who loves to cache considers the more wild it is with more critters to be seen and those that can be safely catched to view closer are the friendliest to kids. Poison Plants...no problem Thorns....No problem Spiders....only problem is mom acting like an idiot And she is 6, to her it ain't worth it if you don't come home dirty.
  21. We don't log a DNF if we didn't make an honest effort at looking for it. For instance today we walked to the cords, wasn't expecting the look to be as weedy (shorts and flipflops). So we didn't log it anything, we will go back more prepared. Another would be an urban hide that we drive by the area and are not in the mood to be that stealthy. But if we made a honest efforted, waded the torns, poison ivey, looked in and under everything, stuck hands in all open spaces and still didn't find it, it gets logged as such. I don't feel a DNF should be based on our laziness.
  22. So I guess we're still stuck with Wil Wheaton, the drummer from Poison, and some B movie actress? I had heard about Wil, but you got to be kidding the drummer from Poison, that is sweet!!!! And depending on what kind of B movies, B Horror movies are ok...
  23. Ok I want one, or two, just can't make up my mind which. I do know I want a yellow one (maybe two one to keep one to release) for my 6 yr old who loves yellow cars! I will have some of these if I have to see my oldest or wedding ring depends on which brings the most lol. *slunks off thinking if they come out around birthday then maybe I could get the whole set for a present*
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