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  1. I have CDO It's a bit like OCD ,,,,,,,,,,, BUT IT'S IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER That's too funny!
  2. I live in the next town from you and was glad that the guy got turned down for his ferris wheel. Thankfully there are still a few towns who refuse to allow businesses to turn their property into a "carnival."
  3. I read this thread and the one that's linked above, and still have no idea what "The owner hasn't set their collectible preference" means. I found that statement on the page for one of my TBs, which is why I came searching for an answer. LOL, still don't know why it's on my TB pages.
  4. Geocoins are another form of trackable. They belong to someone and they are meant to travel. Notice that there is a tracking number on each, so you can log that you picked it up from a cache and log again when you drop it into another cache. You probably won't have any way to determine if the coin has a mission when you pick it up, unless the owner printed out a mission and the coin and paper are in a baggie together. But if the coin is by itself, just retrieve and log it, and try to move it on to another cache soon. Have fun with trackables you find.
  5. Another factor to consider is that in the early years of geocaching the technology was not yet widespread, GPS units were more expensive, and fewer people had GPSr units. Therefore the activity could have been considered "underground." As GPS technology became cheaper and more people acquired the units, geocaching became accessible to more people and the hobby took off. Early adapters to a product, or to a certain technology, will always be involved in an underground sort of way. Similar to the CB radio example in other posts. Look at snowboarding. When it started few people had the boards, and some ski areas did not allow them. I worked at a large New England ski area in the '80s and I recall management discussions about whether snowboards should be allowed or not. Snowboarding was kind of underground. Then board manufacturing improved, the sport became more popular, ski areas began allowing them, and it became mainstream.
  6. I think every person would have a different definition of what makes something institutionalized. It's a spectrum. One person would think just one rule or norm makes an activity institutionalized. Another might think it takes dozens to become institutionalized. I don't think "subversive" is the best term to define these by. "Underground," maybe. By the way, what are Parkour and Freeganism?
  7. I would hope that a professional land surveyor wouldn't really be satisfied with being off by 10' over 250'.
  8. Unless the person is keeping the coin for an especially long time, I see nothing wrong with the dipping. Maybe he's on vacation and carrying your coin around, visiting different caches. Your coin is traveling, which is what it's supposed to do, right? One of my TBs was carried around by a fellow from Maine, and the TB was dipped into a number of caches in beautiful locations. I was thrilled that the person took my TB all over. Maybe look at the person's profile page to see the number of TBs handled, and whether he owns TBs himself. That will give you an idea whether the person probably knows the principals of TBs or not. Chances are he knows the coin belongs to someone and he fully intends to eventually drop it off. In the meantime, enjoy your coin's travels.
  9. The first time I gave a fortune cookie to one of our kids was when he was about 1 year old or so. He took the whole thing and quickly ate it, fortune and all. I guess kids have no innate knowledge of what you're supposed to do with a fortune cookie, and must be shown that there's a piece of paper inside.
  10. I will miss the nice maps. Sorry to see it go. Thanks for your efforts in the past with the site. It would have been nice to have enough notice to get a screenshot of the US map before shutting down. Of course, that would have been just a static image of the states at the time, but still would have been nice.
  11. So in Ohio's state forests they condone activities such as commercial logging, prescribed fire, and I assume hunting. BUT, heaven forbid someone place a small metal can under a bush somewhere. That's certainly a threat to public safety!
  12. How much did you get for selling the lost hikers?
  13. How do you know that the person who retrieved your TBs just hasn't had the chance to log them yet? One person logged a visit to the Diaz Travel Bug Inn the day after you dropped your TBs there. Maybe they picked up yours and they haven't been at a computer or had the time to log them. Be patient. Hopefully your TBs are in good hands and aren't (yet) truly missing.
  14. Ummm... the "colored versions" shown at the beginning of this thread is just artwork for the coins - not the coins themselves... Ummm... then why show the "colored versions" if that's not what the coins themselves even look like... <puzzled>
  15. Nope, they are still on their way. There are 3 coppers left currently. By asking if the multi-color ones shown at the start of this thread are sold out, I meant are they no longer available for sale on the geoswag.com site. The colored coins look much nicer than the version shown for sale on the geoswag site. edited to add: Maybe by "still on their way" that means they'll be available on geoswag at some point? Or they were all sold out and "on the way" means those that were ordered have been sent out. Sorry if I'm dense, I just don't understand if they'll be available for sale in the future or not. :-) I just ordered two coppers, maybe I should have waited if the color version is yet to come. :-(
  16. The original images with the multiple colors as shown here are not what is shown on the geoswag site. Only a single color coin is shown. Are the multi-color coins sold out?
  17. Very nice coin! Here in Nashville, Tennessee (USA) there is a replica of the Parthenon. It was built in 1897 for Tennessee's Centennial Exposition, and is currently an art museum. Nashville's Parthenon
  18. Before steering a bunch of elementary school kids to a nearby existing cache you might want to ask the cache owner for permission. I can see "a box full of free treasure" getting shown to every other kid in school where non-geocaching kids may not know to leave something if they take something. I would place a temporary cache on school grounds without listing it on GC. Just give them the coordinates to enter by hand. I think you could teach geocaching without having them do the downloading step.
  19. That probably would only apply if the instrument taking the reading is directly subjected to the air moving at high speed, i.e. outside the aircraft. If the GPSr is inside the aircraft then there is no high airspeed around the instrument, and therefore no Bernoulli effect. In my experience (in cars), most modern cars seem to be set up such that they have dominant ventilation outlets in an area of low external pressure (e.g. near the C-Pillar) so as to ensure strong ventilation by suction, even if the AC and fan are turned off, all windows closed, etc. The air pressure felt inside the cabin will be dominated by the external air pressure at the dominant air inlet and / or outlet. In my observations, this means the altimeter typically reads about 5 to 10 metres high when travelling at around 100 km/hour. The altimeter reading will instantaneously drop by about 5 or 10 metres when you stop. Opening and closing windows and air vents can change the indicated elevation when travelling at speed, because it can change the dominant ventilation points to an area of higher or lower air pressure. I would expect to see a similar behaviour in an unpressurised aircraft, but I don't have any first-hand experience. Good explanation of your original post. I was thinking you meant that the airspeed outside the aircraft would cause the Bernoulli effect on a GPSr, like the air pressure difference between the top and bottom sections of a wing that create lift. I'm curious now to try this out in a car to see the elevation change at different speeds. I have used my GPSr in commercial (pressurized) airplanes, and often the elevation shows something like 15,000 feet. I think the cabin altitude (pressure) of a typical flight is 8,000 or 9,000 feet, so 15,000 probably couldn't be based on barometric pressure. But neither would 15,000 be based on the GPS signal if the plane is well above 30,000 feet. Never been able to figure out what the 15,000 feet is based on, but it's always interesting just to use the GPS in an airplane to see how fast we're going, where we are, etc.
  20. Assuming it is correct, two posts above yours says:
  21. That probably would only apply if the instrument taking the reading is directly subjected to the air moving at high speed, i.e. outside the aircraft. If the GPSr is inside the aircraft then there is no high airspeed around the instrument, and therefore no Bernoulli effect.
  22. That's pretty funny! I don't think you would have much legal basis for that. Someone else's actions causing you to do something illegal isn't much of a defense.
  23. LOL I love that song! I think I'll go listen to it right now on my iPod.
  24. That road looks like a state road, rather than an Interstate-style highway. It may be four lanes, but it looks like the kind of road that wouldn't be illegal to pull onto the shoulder. There are guard rail caches everywhere. Just because this one is next to a four-lane road instead of a two-lane road, what's the difference? If I were the OP I wouldn't have made such a big deal out of it. Surely the reviewer saw the cache's location and made the decision to approve it. It's obvious that it is next to a road. If you don't like it, just move on.
  25. I won't use IE because every time I click to open a new tab it sits there for a really long time before I can use the new tab. In Firefox and Chrome the new tab is ready for use almost instantly. I've been using Chrome for a couple of weeks and really like it. It's not cluttered up with toolbars like some other browsers. It has a very clean screen.
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