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I have a device which emits a pulsating high pitched shreiking noise, if I leave it at the edge of the field then all the cows are attracted to it so I can sneak in and grab the cache without interference. Once the log book has been signed, I stroll casually back to the device and tell her she can shut up now, people are looking! Works every time without fail and doesn't require any batteries! :blink:

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Bump... (was probably the noise it made, too)


Great advice from the NFU:

Alison Pratt, from the National Farmers' Union, gave the following advice to others should they find themselves in a similar position.


"The best thing to do is to let the dog off the lead so it can run away because obviously a dog can run faster than you," she said.


"The next thing to do is to get quite quickly to the edge of the field, collect the dog and leave."

Wonder if the reporter said who the guy was, and that he was blind...

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