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How to report Site Issues

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I wanted to just post a note on some guidelines for posting a site issue to this forum.


If you come across an issue and are able to readily repeat the process for which it happens please follow these steps.


1. If you run other browsers on your system try and see if it happen there as well.


2. Review forum topics and see if someone else has posted something similar.


3. Create or add to an already existing topic.


4. Post the following information for the issue:

Your Operating System: Windows XP, Mac 10.4, etc..

Your Browser with Version number: IE 7.0, Firefox 2.01, Opera 9.1

Cache GC code if the error occurred there

Any URL's that you feel would help.


5. If I can not repeat the issue, I can not repair it. So the extra information is a must.


Thanks for helping me help you!



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From OpinioNate:

Please fix my bug! you pleaded,

But some repro steps are needed,

What you expected to happen

And what actually happened

Help resolve your bugs unimpeded

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