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TB question

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Can anyone tell me how I would go about logging the TB?

I can either grab it from the last person to have it or I can discover it, but I found it in a cache!! here's the TB page


As the previous finder has only found 1 cache and obviously doesn't have a lot of experience, how about a polite email asking them to log it into the cache. If that fails, then 'grab' it.

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If you have the TB in your possession, leave it for a few days or a week. It may be that the person who left it, has not had a chance to log onto a PC.


After that, email the person who had it last i.e. Jem09 and find out why they haven't logged it into a cache.


It may be that they forgot which cache they left it in. Done that myself.


After that, it you have a response, they can log it in, you log it out as a retrieve.


If no response, I would suggest you Grab it, log it in the cache you found it in and then retrieve it. This will keep the mileage more up to date.



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no response from email sent on 04/07/07. I'll give it another week or so b4 grabbin.


thanks ppl


PS the thread can be closed, shutdown, destryoyed or perhaps the mod would be so very kind as to throw it into the depths of hell??

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