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Magellan Topo software?

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I purchased an Explorist 500 on eBay and it came with Topo software. Can this software be used on any GPS? I have no interest in using it, so I figured maybe I could sell it. It came in the original box and has the booklet. I wasn't sure about this because I thought i read somewhere that once it had been used on one GPSr it could not be used on another. If that is the case I will stick it in my closet. LOL! Thank you for your help

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Is the software on CD or DVD? If CD, it should be usable by anyone with an Explorist. If DVD, I would check with the seller to see if it was activated...if it was, it's stuck to that particular GPS serial number.


You ought to think about using it, though...detail maps greatly enhance the utility of the GPS for most people. Even if you don't care about topo contours, it will have detailed street information and POIs. It won't create autoroutes, which the MapSend DirectRoute would do.

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Mapsource Topo for the USA can work with many Magellan GPS units. And even for units without mapping capability you can upload and download waypoints, routes and track logs. The added benefit is that you can see where all those gobbeldygook numbers actually are.

I'm not familiar with the Explorist, I have a Magellan Gold. I beliede my Topo is version 4.2, relatively old but still the best, see the map displayed in my profile or some of the track logs in my gallery.

I don't think you mentioned if you also got the serial cable. You must have one in order to do anything.

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Yes I did get the serial cable. All my caches are urban caches, I am a priss and dont go deep into woods or anything LOL so I did not see the need I would have for topo software. I dont want anything that will give me to many advantages, my GPS gets me right on the cache as it is, i enjoy the hunt :laughing: Their are 2 CD-roms neither say DVD. I can post pix if needed :rolleyes:

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As Embra said, the Topo software has all of the streets in it, so you can tell where you are by looking at the map screen. There is also an address lookup, and it has POIs such as restaurants. Your basemap has none of this except a few major streets and highways. If you do not have Direct Route maps in your eXplorist, you should install the Topo (and you can have both, like I do.)

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Their are 2 CD-roms neither say DVD. I can post pix if needed :laughing:

If it's CD, then it's v1.0 of Mapsend Topo3D. Someone else can use it with another Explorist.


Trainlove, just FYI the Explorist is not compatible with the Topo 4.2. It has a different processor than the Meridians, which somehow meant that the map files need to be a different format. MapSend Topo 3D can generate files for Meridians or Explorists based upon the GPS serial number you feed it.

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