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Log counts broken


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I am sorry if this should be placed somewhere else, or perhaps the problem is so widely known that I am just piling on. But the 'log counts' list above the logs all seem wrong. On a cache that has tons of logs, it is hard to tell there is a problem sometimes. But I have been seeing a lot of brand new caches, with only a few logs, that are clearly the wrong counts.


Such as this one:



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Funny.. the greasemonkey script counts the log fine..

I noticed that too <_<

I just ignored the other count.


Obviously as a work in progress you're going to have bugs to work out. I'll reserve my comments for several days and see how things go. Changes are being made constantly and I've notices that what didn't work yesterday is working (somewhat!) today...

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It is very strange that it is not all caches. but the ones that are wrong all seem to have one less "find" log and one less "Publish" log but two "Reviewer Note" logs... when they have no visible reviewer notes. It seems odd that it has that pattern and not for all caches. In all caches that I've seen with the error, the GreaseMonkey script still gets it right... which would be expected since it simply counts each log type visible on the page.

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