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Any Travel Bugs going to space?


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I was wondering whether anyone has designated a mission for their Travel Bug to be the first in space, or at least to leave the earth's atmosphere? I have just activated two Travel Bugs - - - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=787003 AND http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=787660 - - - with this as the specified mission. Hopefully these are the first Travel Bugs with such a mission, and hopefully a cacher that works for NASA will be able to assist. :(


Could be very difficult to determine their mileage though.





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I don't know if this idea is unique, or not, but I am willing to bet that the mission will never be accomplished. Sorry, but as someone who has more than just a casual interest in the space program, I would be very surprized to learn otherwise.


One thing is that you probably should have tried to get it to the Houston area, instead of Florida. Any item that an astronaut intends on carrying on a flight must get prior approval. There's no chance that they would show up in Florida and could take something that just gets handed to them. Further, as they aren't allowed to take all that much in the way of personal items anyways, you can bet that their limit has probably been met by personal requests from family and friends to take items for them.


Frankly, I would think you'd have a much better chance getting onboard a Soyuz flight. Just look at who's taking paying passengers up nowadays. And speaking of the space tourists, I bet if you could figure out who the next one will be, that getting one of your bugs into their hands would be your absolute best chance of hitching a ride up to space. Of course, they may want you to cover some of their expenses else they'll be inclined, just like the astronauts, to take items for themselves, and their family and friends.


At any rate, I wish you, and your bugs, a lot of luck!


<Edit: I hate typos!>

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