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Memory Map linking to offline HTML file

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Hi all


I was quite happily using the Rooku script, I don't remember why I felt the need to meddle but I did (something about wanting Child waypoints exporting I think)!


I now export using the GSAK default Memory Map export, with the Edgemaster tweak and I now have all the child waypoints exporting well etc, many thanks to all.


However I cannot get the linked file to point to my html files on my PDA.


I've tried typing "\SD Card\Memory-Map-OS\Html cache\%code.htm" into the Use Local URL but I get an error message saying "Missing required file xref.txt in the HTML folder, please generate offline HTML again"


I've tried to make sense of a couple of threads on this but they seem to refere to GSAK 7, or don't otherwise fit my scenario.


If it helps, what I do is generate the html files to the C drive, then sync via Mobsync to my SD card.


Anyone any ideas? (hopefully in 1 syllable words please!)


Many thanks

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Thanks Edgemaster - I was quite pleased to see you online!


Do you mean change the local URL to "\SD Card\Memory-Map-OS\Html cache\xref.txt"?


I can't see this helping as GSAK cannot trace that path as that is the path required on the PDA. So it won't know if the xref.txt file exists or not?

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Frustrating! But thanks for looking.


It's not the end of the world, but it's a definite step backwards.


Maybe I can get the roolku script to work with child waypoints?


Or maybe I'll upgrade to GSAK 7


BTW did people get GSAK 6 and cachemate linking?

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Unfortunately not, the only instances that I am aware of upgraded to 7 - that allows a more flexible system.


Also, in case you missed the edit above try "\SD Card\Memory-Map-OS\Html cache\"


It may also be worth posting on the GSAK forums Clyde (the maker) knows GSAK the best, he may be able to assist (or even edit to allow v6 to be more receptive to general URLs)

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I fired my old PC which has GSAK v6. I think that you want the path name only so remove the "%code.htm" (which is used for v7) as Edgemaster suggested. I think I got cachemate to work in v6 by just putting cmate without any prefix.


There were some changes made to how URLs were handled by GSAK in this situation in one of the last revisions for v6 which meant that I couldn't get a link that would work on both PPC and PC for offline HTML. So I used to have two sets of mmo overlays from two MM exports from GSAK.

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Have you got the HTML export AND the MM export pointing to the same place ? It looks as though your MM export URL doesn't point to the directory where the xref.txt file is because the last sub folder in your MM export should be \cache which is appended by the HTML export. You should be able to look in your directory and see an xref.txt file and see what it says in there.

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$destination = "C:\Wherever\you\export\file.csv"

$from = "file:///C:/Path/To/HTML/Export/On/PC"
$to = "\SD Card\Memory-Map-OS\Html cache\"

EXPORT Type=MEM File=$destination

$CSVin = GetFile($destination)
IF Left($CSVin,7) = "*Error*"
Pause Msg="$CSVin"

$CSVout = Replace($from, $to, $CSVin, true)

$error = PutFile($destination,$CSVout)

IF Left($error,7) = "*Error*"
Pause Msg="$error"


Tested under Replace first 3 lines as apply to your situation - ensure you keep the slashes in the same direction, they are correct. Earlier builds of GSAK may require only two slashes after file: in line 3

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Thanks Edgemaster, much appreciated, but where should I drop this code in?

To one of the text files from your zip file?


Rodz, thanks, I now have them pointing at the same place but doesn't seem to help. I've posted on the GSAK as well, so hopefully someone can help.



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Save to a new text file, and run as you would a normal macro.


It will use the settings currently set in the Memory Map export dialogue.


You will have to point the MM export to a copy of the HTML export saved somewhere on your local PC. The macro will simply convert the paths in the CSV to point to the files on the PDA.


(Ensure you adjust the first 3 lines to suit your PC)

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Thanks Edgemaster, this is great, I'm really grateful. I had the chance tonight to play with this - had to sacrifce watching Hustle but that's what recorders are for!


Took me a while to get it to work but it's worked!


An added bonus is that I can click through my Memory Map to get my offline, GSAK-generated cachepage up as the path is the same.


Thanks again.


PS - Did I say thanks?!

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