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Google and push pins


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Hello, are you using the Geocaching KML overlay with google Earth? If so, have you accidentally opened it more than once at the same time? I have done this before, and it shows the same cache lots of times, but in very slightly different locations. :D The overlay can take a while to load, and I thought it hadn't worked so I opened it again, which is how it happened to me! ;)

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What version of GE are you using? Are you using the Geocaching KML or are you opening a .GPX file?


I use the latest version of GE and just open my .GPX and it all looks great!!!



(besure to open the time slider in the iupper righ to show caches across the whole time period in the .GPX)

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I am using the KML I got from this web site.

Do I need to buy the update from Google to make it work better?

Do not have Palm Pilot or anything like that Just use GE to see the terraine.

Yes am a premiem member and just hid my first!

Thanks for the input all ;)


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