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  1. Thanks for the info on airline and GPS. Will be flying Southwest soon and looked at web site but could not find info. Will look again.
  2. Anyone got a used Bathyscalp laying around? Very watertight. Sometimes the screw-on lid (PB jars) type leak air as pressure changes. Also humidity in the air can settle out into water. Having said that, I used a PB jar and after putting plastic wrap and screwing on lid sprayed it with expanding seal foam. While foam was wet, threw on some dirt and leaves. When dry I added a little spray paint for touch-up. Then a razor blade cut through foam to the cap/jar seam. Opens/closes fine and have had no water problems, maybe because insulating foam?
  3. OOPS! Just talked to my son and he found one there. They are listed - just search by near Lat. & Lon. HH Randy
  4. Have not seen anything about Iraq so thought I would throw this in. My son is there with Military and we were talking about geocaching. NOT in the open countryside! LOL Some bases are pretty large. Wonder if military allows it on bases. ? Randy
  5. I'm with you on all that Brad. I live in an area sometimes known as the "Silicone Rainforest" and there are a lot of HAMs here. Even so, there is Very little simpex use. Out in the woods where lots of 4X4s roam, CB is used. Repeaters are usually handy for EmComms. But up in the real mountains, HF or Sat phone is the only way to go. If you are with a group Geocache hunt I think a 2m freq could be decided at the time. I will monitor 146.52 also for anyone needing help. That's what HAM is about. Randy
  6. Hey Darkstar. You are just up the road from me. I am in Aloha and also a HAM for many years. Love this idea. Would prefer a 2M signal tho. Perhaps if transmitter was high in a tree and good camo it might be less likely to get Muggled. Cache could be at base of tree or "5 paces North from tree" type info. Thanks for the link to Bee products. Good Luck and hope it works out. Will be looking for it. Randy
  7. Don't remember if I checked in here and didn't want to read 32 pages, so.. Here is N7GFK @ CN85 73's to all.
  8. Are there a lot of GeoCaches at the North and South Poles?
  9. Step one on GC page says against law. We hike and hunt for deer/elk in them tho. But no GC is what I understand.
  10. I used Google Maps before hiding mine but there was a hidden leg of a multi too close so it was rejected. Am unsure what to do now as state and national forests are off limits. Maybe a timber company will allow it on their land? Our local parks are full I was told by reviewer. Oh well....
  11. I put a cache in a local park. More than the required distance from the nearest published cache. Was told I must move it as there was a hidden leg of a multi too close. Also that all parks in this area are saturated. Must travel far away and get position, submit it for review before hiding mine. Hope you have better luck. Randy
  12. Looking for flux capacitors on E_Bay....
  13. Thank you all for the data. I guess I am too impatient Randy
  14. Hello, I did a search for newest caches in the USA. Top one was in Alabama enabled June 30 2007. How do I get a time travel machine to be FTF? Is now May 1 2007. How do they do this?
  15. Joke cache sounds fun to me. I might beat a spider with a stick tho. and if it was glued to the lid may make a frizbee out of it. The sound ones may be the best.
  16. I am using the KML I got from this web site. Do I need to buy the update from Google to make it work better? Do not have Palm Pilot or anything like that Just use GE to see the terraine. Yes am a premiem member and just hid my first! Thanks for the input all Randy
  17. Thanks, now I know what those are. Better than screw on lids? What are the colored ones?
  18. Are the blue and yellow things "Lock-n-Lock"? How do I follow a pic for a link? I guess you already have to know ....
  19. Hello, I downloaded Google Earth and it Great. See the landscape from a birds view. Sometimes it even gets the caches in view. When it does tho, there are yellow pins in a 1/4 mile area all saying the same thing. What am I doing wrong? Randy
  20. I just made my first cache today. Dollar store plastic jar with screw-on lid. Sprayed on expanding foam with dirt and leaves thrown on while sticky. Will hide it May 1 and try and figure out how to publish a new cache.
  21. There is no "Disuss Geocaching" link on main page. Or maybe I am blind.
  22. I have a T7H and it is OK. My old 2AT was stolen but I replaced it with a used one. Like the Squelch feature and tone input for landlines. Carry T7H always on treks but am doubtful on WX proof. Plastic covers are available. Look for marine use ht's. Batt. life is a few hrs. on T7H but I carry extra batt pack that takes AA's. Radio gets hot after a few min. QSO. I take batt pack off when not using, seems to extend good charge. Have had to use for emergency work when in coast range mts. and 5w is fine if you are up high. Hope to get XYL a ticket so when out climbing in the bush can have comms. Cell doesn't always work and runs up time. 73's Randy N7GFK
  23. I like the idea of the smashed pennies. Have some extras from trip to Maui Hawaii, and some from Oregon beach tourist places. Carabiners used for keys and a quick lock so my ice chest doesn't slide all over the bed of my pickup. Garage sales have small toys. What is a "magic towel"?
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