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Garmin Legend cx

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Hi - I'm new to this. I haven't seen any way to get more than 500 waypoints on the unit, although I was hoping the possibility would exist given the unit has an expansion slot. Does anyone know if it is possible to load more than the 500 specified max?

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Welcome to the Addiction . . . :laughing:


If you use the Garmin POI loader, a program you can download from the Garmin site, you can put thousands of waypoints on that unit. Someone else more knowledgeable will come along to help you, but you might do a quick search of the Forums for POI Loader.

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To my knowledge, 500 is the limit. It uses some sort of internal memory for waypoints, not the micro SD card slot. You can put maps, points of interest, and tracks on the card.


The Garmin POI loader for the Legend Cx that Miragee is refering to has a bug in it (possibly the Legend's firmware?), so that any custom POI you load shows up on the map, but you can't click on it, and the name doesn't show up on the map. The info for the POI is only available when you search for it in the appropriate menu, meaning you need to know its name beforehand. Since this kind of defeats the purpose, it's useless for until it's fixed.

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