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2 tadpole questions

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As you can probable tell by my "tadpole" standing, I am pretty new to this forum.


There seems to be a lot of knowledge and experience in this group , and I hoped you wouldn't mind answering a few questions.


1)is the "detailed basemap" we find in the basic Garmin etrex legend(the $150 blue one) the same as the ones in the more expensive etrex legend c, venture c, vista and vista c?


2)Is there a website where one can compare the Garmin and Magellan basemaps side-by-side by plugging in the same coordinate?




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QJ is laughing because for anyone who has owned a Garmin mapping GPS will tell you, "detailed basemap" is a contradiction-in-terms. A bit like jumbo shrimp, big mac, plug and play, american style etc. :laughing: The Legend is a good unit and you can fit quite a few detailed maps in it. Certainly enough for a day of geocaching. I'd recommend the Roads & Rec Canada myself as you can fit in the entire GTA and only take up about 1.5MB. These are extra-cost, of course. I'm certain a fellow geocacher would be more than happy to allow you to evaluate their usefullness by downloading to your unit.

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