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Choosing a carrying case

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I bought a Garmin Vista Cx and now I want to protect it. I like the looks of the neoprene cases and I've seen two styles so far where the side buttons are covered and not covered. What are the pros and cons of the neoprene cases? Does any one else have a protective case that you love? Also, I was looking at the Invisible Shield screen covers but I didn't see one on their website for a Vista Cx. Am I over looking it or will one for another model also fit a Vista Cx?

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Shieldzone list a screen cover for the Legend Cx, which is the same form factor as the Vista Cx.


When looking at neoprene cases, make sure to do a search on this forum for previous discussions. People have had problems with clear screens getting stuck fast to invisible shield protectors. I also found the Garmin Vista Cx case does not fit well - the top edge of the case is half covering some of the side buttons, and interfering with the joystick. The window aperture also obscures both sides of the screen by about 5mm each side.


Basically, the case is the right size for the old b/w etrex form factor but Garmin have not redesigned it for the etrex Cx model form factor, which is shorter and wider than the old unit. Some people have no problem with this, but I found it to be a frustration.

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