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Remove the ones you find from the 500.


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If the cache is saved as a Point of Interest then you can delete it on the GPS.


If you uploaded it as a geocache file then you have to delete it in the program you originally used to up load it, and then upload the file again and overwrite the file on the GPS.

:lol: Rather stupid, but that seems to be how it works.

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Or just mount the gps, then search for the .fs file I think it is. Either .fs or .fg. Then just delete that.


That would delete all the geocaches not just the ones found.


Forgive me. Deleting the .fnd file just erases the "Found" categorization. If you've marked a geocache as found and you've set your map options to not display found caches, the geocache disappears from your map. After you then mount your GPS and delete the .fnd file, you'll find that when you turn your unit back on, the previously "found" geocache will be marked as not found and will therefore appear on your map.


Erasing the .gs file will erase all the geocaches.


This is why I've found it's better to use POIs instead of the geocaching file system.

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