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  1. This is probably the number one most frequently-asked question in this part of the forums. It appears you've overlooked the following sticky thread created specifically for answering your question: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=230083 You can also click on GPS REVIEWS, located in the left-hand toolbar, from basically any page in Geocaching.com http://www.geocaching.com/reviews/gps I just found this link, called "Guide to Buying a GPS Device" http://www.geocaching.com/about/buying.aspx
  2. I wrote a website for eXplorists: chimbisimo.googlepages.com
  3. I've just moved to Boston and am therefore unable to maintain GCN2H4, Meet Someone New. It's a very unique cache that doesn't get a lot of action. Please let me know if you can help out. Thanks!
  4. You need to tell us what kind of computer you have.
  5. I recently changed from "chimbisimo" now that I'm caching with my new son.
  6. It should be noted that GeoJournal does more than transfer files between computer and GPS. That's why it's great.
  7. I agree with the GeoJournal advice, however it does not do maps.
  8. I much prefer GeoJournal to Maccaching, but development on GJ has gone cold. Which is really too bad because it's a great piece of software.
  9. We don't know what kind of computer you have.
  10. Gotta do it manually, as opposed to hooking it up to your computer and just downloading geocache files onto it. But a friend of mine, CalabasasPacker, has more than a thousand caches by manually entering coordinates.
  11. For $50, probably not. I took a moment to search Amazon, and the cheapest you'll find there (at this moment) is $140. I took a peek in the "Garage Sale" thread in these forums and there's an eXplorist 210 for $80 CDN. That's about the cheapest you'll ever see anything. Of course, if you already have a Treo (or similar device), then go for the GPS unit you already found on Amazon.
  12. This appears to be a GPS that you connect, via bluetooth, to another device (like a Treo). If you don't have that second device, this GPS won't do anyone any good. To find out if you can use a GPS for geocaching, just find out if you can enter coordinates into the GPS. If you can't, then you can't use it to geocache.
  13. A search in Google for "blackberry geocaching" yields not only Blackberry geocaching apps but also forum threads with similar questions asked.
  14. I use my Magellan eXplorist 500 with my Mac just fine. GPSBabel and Geo Journal.
  15. Have any eXplorist users had luck with NMEA and Google Earth for realtime tracking? Particularly on a Mac.
  16. Geo Journal or GPS Babel.
  17. What are your thoughts on the Trimble app?
  18. Once you've successfully moved caches to your unit, make sure to click Menu>Active Map and choose the desired file (be it POI or Geocache), otherwise the caches won't show up.
  19. Nowadays plenty of phones contain GPS technology. Considering the fact that GPS technology comes in many different flavors, different phones will be better GPS units than others. Post what you know about different phones' GPS technologies and capabilities. For example, does the iPhone contain a sirf chip? Does it have access to WAAS? How about different Blackberries?
  20. When all else fails, you can use an SD card with a reader. That way you don't have to worry about making sure your GPSr connects correctly with your computer. Just make sure to put the card in your GPSr once before you load caches onto it, to format it.
  21. if you can't mount the gps then no software you find will transfer geocaches to your unit. But once you can mount the gps, then I suggest Geo Journal or GPSBabel. Take a look at my website: chimbisimo.googlepages.com
  22. Depends on where your antenna is placed, I suppose. But regardless, you get little reception in your pocket. Better to attach some sort of clip to the unit itself and then clip the GPS to a shoulder strap or something.
  23. Don't forget Trimble already directly connects to GC.com.
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